History & Philosophy

In 1870, Benvenuto Acerbis opened his carpenter’s workshop in Albino, Bergamo. “Benvenuto Acerbis Tappezzerie, Falegname e Carpentiere. Fabbrica Mobiglia a Motore Elettrico. Impianti Completi” (Benvenuto Acerbis Upholsterer, Joiner and Carpenter. Electric Motor Furniture Factory. Complete Systems), so said the sign, already hinting at one of the pillars of the Acerbis philosophy: the dialogue between technology, artisan skills and a profound knowledge of materials.


Technology & Materials

Acerbis has always made technology and experiments the two linchpins of its philosophy: a design in which the visual and the tactile live side by side in a combination of function and beauty. A system of values that dominates the DNA of Acerbis and places the most advanced techniques and the selection of the most innovative materials at the service of design. 

Combine technique and imagination, knowing that quality is something that always transcends the essential without slipping into superfluous.