Liberty Building Condo

When it was time for our long-term clients to make their move to downtown Des Moines, Projects' design team was charged to redesign the condo space with modern style, while at the same time addressing a need for storage and functionality. 

The open plan was conceived to allow the couple ample entertaining spaces with fluid circulation to both the living room and home office. Each area has sleek Poliform storage solutions for objects and our client's vast collections of design/architecture books. Projects' design team provided space planning, kitchen and cabinetry design, bathroom cabinetry and tile selection, closet, furniture, lighting, artwork, flooring and fabric selections.


Plaza Kitchen

Definition of luster

1: a glow of reflected light : sheen;  specifically : the appearance of the surface of a mineral dependent upon its reflecting qualities  
2a : a glow of light from within : luminosity
2b : an inner beauty : radiance

A sublime kitchen renovation for our long time client. Realized in 2017. Downtown Des Moines.


Penthouse Project

Luxury meets minimal in our Des Moines penthouse interior design project which was realized in August 2016. Gracious spaces were created with unobstructed views to the cityscape for entertaining along with sumptuous private spaces for restful retreat. Spectacular rug textures counter the sleek polished concrete floors and provide the base for the material's palette. Full length gray linen draperies soften/filter light and anchor the perimeter while the core of the residence is warmed with black elm.




High Rise Kitchen Transformation

Our delightful home owner charged us with the task to transform her ninety's-era dark, tight kitchen into a bright, functional and inviting space. Gratuituous angles were removed to restore flow and reveal space for a coveted island. Light wood grain ceramic tile was selected for it's warmth, beauty and durability.