Limited Edition's Mission

As a family company, they have a clear goal: to surprise you with a unique rug. Their designers and production specialists work hard every day to show their exceptional rug making talents, knowledge and experience, all thanks to their love for the trade.


Made in Belgium

Limited Edition rugs only need a single glance to attract attention, but that is only because they are the result of hours – sometimes even days – of intensive manual work. Discover a surprising world of 100% Belgian, age-old craftsmanship and distinctive

Reasons for keeping their manufacturing in Belgium.

NOSTALGIA.The age-old history of textiles is intertwined with the South-West Flanders region. The Mouscron area, where Limited Edition’s workshop is based, can rely on a long textile tradition with invaluable expertise. This results in pure craftsmanship with a nostalgic nod to the past and all the high-tech innovations of today and tomorrow.

PERFECTION. At Limited Edition they like an impeccable result… So they prefer to control the entire production process themselves, from the exciting early days right down to the ambitious end. Development and production are both under one roof, which makes monitoring and follow-up easier to get everything right, from the shade of yarn to the smallest finish detail. 

AND A HAPPY CUSTOMER. They like to spoil their customers with a unique handmade rug, but also with unlimited service, which includes a fast delivery. Of course their custom-made rugs require more time than their standard products, but because they are manufactured at their own workshop the delivery times are still excellent.


Limited Edition Design

Irresistible chocolate. Distinctive fashion. Revolutionary design. ‘Made in Belgium’ sets the tone in many areas and as far as rugs are concerned, Limited Edition is very pleased to take the lead. Every collection they create is handmade for an exceptional look and feel. Belgium can count on rich textile traditions that go back all the way to the Middle Ages, but also focuses on a contemporary approach. They are a small and rather stubborn nation that likes to invest in innovation and technology to maintain their reputation in art and design.

Coming up with ideas, dyeing yarn, finishing a rug: Limited Edition does everything with the greatest care at their workshop in Belgium. The region of their headquarters in Mouscron has rich, firmly embedded textile traditions. As a result, their 100% handmade rugs will add a new design look to your interior in no time at all, thanks to fast delivery times.