Minotti’s Outdoor Collection

The Minotti Collection reflects the changes in the way we define the home environment and interprets a new approach to home decor in an exciting interplay of associations between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A flowing, creative and consistent exchange between indoors and outdoors for the ideal Minotti home. A sophisticated, exciting project where the shapes, materials, colors and architecture of space meld and mix. Indoor charm with a natural outdoor personality.

Myriad inspirations and influences converge naturally in a wide-ranging collection that conveys an informal style and undeniable joie de vivre. Minotti delivers the tools you need to create new design projects for contemporary living.  A vast array of seating elements and accessories with a strong aesthetic identity, elegant proportions and unrivaled comfort allow for seamless style transitions between indoors and out.

Through the Outdoor Collection, the sophisticated elegance and unrivaled comfort that distinguish the interior design products are expanded to include the outdoors - garden, patio or veranda - thanks to an impassioned quest for the right materials, carefully selected to resist wear and weather.