Established in 1974

Headquartered in the Dutch city of Dongen, Montis is dedicated to the manufacturing of contemporary furniture and home furnishings. The company entered the market in 1974 with a clear mission: designing modern furniture with superior seating comfort. Indeed, the company's credo is to neither sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of comfort nor comfort for aesthetics. The company offers a wide range of elegant and comfortable sofas and armchairs as well as tables and chairs for every taste and every ambiance. 


The Company Today

Montis keeps innovating with design that meets the needs of modern life—without making concessions in terms of comfort. In this process, the boundaries of artisanal traditions are pushed, and new techniques developed. By combining the ideas of renowned designers with those of up-and-coming creatives, we remain full of surprises—also in terms of sustainability and use of materials. That’s how today’s icons become tomorrow’s classics. That is their aim.


Montis Headquarters