The Story of Poemo

The Comi/Pozzoli family passion and interest in decorative fabrics was born in the seventies. After some work experiences as an illustrator, graphic designer, textile designer and stylist, Alessandra Comi began her freelance job in 1976, founding her design and creative consultancy studio.

Design passion is intensified also thanks to Enzo Pozzoli: architect and designer founder of Studio Udacanturio in 1972. Enzo became a member of ADI (Association for the Industrial Design). He designed and collaborated with the best companies in the furniture and architecture field. He also developed skills in staging design and art direction, in Italy and abroad.

Alessandra and Enzo had a lasting friendship together with some leading figures in design and art contemporary world. Their strong passions constantly inspire them in every choice and project.In 2001, Enzo Pozzoli and Emanuela Pozzoli decided to found POEMO DESIGN: a prestigious company in the textile field.

POEMO DESIGN is premised on the preservation and esteem of several design and craftsmanship skills present locally. From a great research on materials and due to the presence of creativity and executive ability of old hands, new sophisticated ideas for the interior design were born. POEMO DESIGN takes the person well-being to heart, with a special attention to everything natural.